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Saturday, February 12, 2011
The "Under-a-Coconut-Tree Beach Front" Office of Franco Gonzalez

Hello there my free enterprising friend,

Look. You've "heard it all before" and life is short, so let me just
get to the point without wasting your time or mine.

IF you have a great mindset and a "CAN DO" attitude and you're looking for a legitimate way to build your own home business and generate some freedom in your life by helping other people do the same, then I want us to work together and I want to help you make as much as your self image allows you to receive with the power of ROIUnlimited.

Call me after your review. My phone number and email is everywhere and I'm on facebook too.

An IMPORTANT and Quick 2 Minute Message From Franco Gonzalez

The details are below.

Welcome to the ROIUnlimited team!

Quick Note To Self: If you're not serious enough about creating your dream lifestyle to spend just
20-30 minutes IMMERSING yourself in everything on this page, you're wasting your time and our time too. We're not looking for "skimmers" who are just curious about making money "someday..."

We're looking for people who want to start changing their lives... TODAY!

If you are serious about creating an incredible income and an entirely new lifestyle starting right now, click play on the video below - and be careful, as it might knock you clear off your chair!

CAUTION: This 6 Minute ROIUnlimited Video is RAW
& Shocking To Many People!


Knowing me...

I'd just click JOIN ROIUNLIMITED NOW after watching that ROI Unlimited video.

I'm not one to over analyze or over complicate things and success loves momentum and velocity.

But that's just me. You think those kinds of crazy thoughts when you haven't been shackled, domesticated or employed (enslaved) for over a decade, so just disregard my insanity (freedom mindset) and just continue to do your homework...

This ROIUnlimited website is not just for those that simply want more money...

It's for those who want more LIFE.

If you're honest with yourself and you look around on Monday mornings, you'll see very clearly that most average people are simply droning through life and just "existing" and not really LIVING or experiencing life as they thought it would be.

What you will learn from wacky people like me who own their time and their cash flow generation mechanisms is that we are CONSUMED by teaching others how to take control of their own life back. We teach people the long lost art and science of how to think, which teaches us how to live -  instead of just being domesticated and dominated by others or "society."

Think about this...

Power Thought #1:

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and decide what YOU want to do with your day instead of having somebody else make that decision for you each day?

Power Thought #2:

Wouldn't it be nice to make decisions based on what you wanted to do, not how much it was going to cost?

Power Thought #3:

Wouldn't it be nice to spend your time doing the things that you love most, with the people you love most?

(Let's stop there because most people have NOT actually THOUGHT
in so long that the mere thinking of thinking causes them pain...)

If you answered yes, yes and YES...

Then be sure to pay attention to EVERY detail of this ROIUnlimited website. You are going to learn how to create the life of your absolute design and how to do it "lightning" fast.

Get EXCITED too because you are about to be plugged into a vehicle that can start producing life changing income for you RIGHT NOW. An amazing business opportunity called ROI Unlimited that is changing people's lives as we speak, and can do the same for you if you take the proper mindset and action.

Close your door, close out of your email, turn off the TV, radio, ipod or anything else you have controling your mind and reducing your income, and give this ROI Unlimited site your absolute 100% IMMERSION attention and focus.

The Raw Power and Money Making
Potential of the ROI Unlimited
Opportunity is Staggering!

Spend Just $250 ONE TIME EVER and
Make $500, $5,000 and even $20,000 Again & Again!

This is by Far the Most Powerful
Comp Plan We've Ever Seen...

Let's Just Take a Little Stroll Through Some of the
Highlights of ROIUnlimited Compensation Plan...

1. A small one time start up of only $250 is your only risk, ever.

2. No admin fees.

3. No autoship or monthly fees.

4. Earn BIG Commissions of $500, $5,000 and $20,000 again & again.

5. Earn $25 on each sale of the Silver Package, $100 on each sale of the Accelerator & Power Package.

6. Earn each time your personally sponsored members cycle $100, $1,000 and $2,000!

7. No sponsoring is required to qualify to earn cycle commissions in ROIUnlimited.

8. ROI Unlimited was built with Teamwork & Leverage in mind.

The Golden Rule: As you help others prosper, you prosper as well. You receive leverage from your downline as well as your upline to make this the ONLY true, full "Team Follow Me" compensation plan. That my friend is RAW power of ROIUnlimited!

FINALLY! A Product Worth Way More Than What You Pay!

In addition to getting access to a system that will pay you $500, $5,000 and $20,000 over and over again on autopilot, you also get an amazing product suite that people don't just want, but they absolutely LOVE and paste all over their own "dream boards!"

No worthless over priced lotions, potions, pills or other useless junk with ROI Unlimited. What you get when you make your tiny ONE TIME payment, in addition to the massive commissions of course, are the THREE ( 3 ) Levels of Luxury Getaways and Travel Packages that are worth far in excess of their low price.

ROIUnlimited Looks Great...

But How Will I Build This?

Fair question.

When I got started over 10 years ago, I didn't have any "success" to brag about. No glamorous stories to leverage. No team to fall back on for support...

All I had was PILES & HEAPS of determination and a little bit of wiggle room on my credit card, and I'll be honest with you...

It's Freakin TOUGH to
Make It On Your Own!

So pay very close attention to the next roi unlimited video.

This is what I created so that I can help every newbie that I ever meet to navigate this industry and learn what needs to be done without having to get pounded so hard by the University of Hard Knocks like I did. This is what I offer every single teammate who joins us in ROI Unlimited:

You Can Make Excuses
or You Can Make Money...

But You Can't Make Both!

This is the part of the conversation that seperates those who WILL make money online (starting this week), from those that only wish they could.

A word of caution here...

I'm about to be more blunt with you than most people ever would. Most people will say whatever needs to be said to take your money. I don't need your money and I really don't "need" you if you're not the right type of person...

Instead of soaking you in words that you think you want to hear, I'd rather be raw and real with you and tell you...


I would rather TEACH you what you need to know in order to succeed in this arena. Keep in mind that it's because I KNOW EXACTLY what it takes to be successful online and to create dream lifestyles, and I'm only looking for people who are 100% ready to take action, RIGHT NOW!

I'm going to address and DELETE (completely exterminate) the only 2 excuses
you could possibly have for not clicking to "JOIN ROI UNLIMITED NOW" by now...

Grab A Pen... Lesson Up!

It always floors me how people will give their blood, sweat and most importantly, their TIME into a "Just Over Broke" J.O.B. where they are always only one pretty, younger, cheaper, dumber face away from being replaced and CANNED - and a job that does nothing more than allow them to barely break even (with some credit cards to help)...

When they could be putting that same time, effort and energy into building their own business and completely taking their life back!

Think about that for a second and let it really sizzle on the noodle...

You see, being FREE and being wealthy and enjoying life on your terms and having fun is a CHOICE.

By making excuses you are CHOOSING to be busted, angry, whining, broke and YOU are choosing to have no time and you are CHOOSING to be an economic slave to your job. You are CHOOSING to have no lifestyle and you are CHOOSING to continue to build somebody else's dreams at the direct expense of yours.

THAT is expensive.

THAT is risky.

THAT is insane.

Yet, THAT is exactly what most people do (for 40 years!).

And THAT "plan" is a scam... it NEVER works!

If you're tired of making those kinds of choices and you want to completely UNLOCK yourself and study, earn and learn from wacky nuts and weirdos and "foul balls" like me and my buddies who "flipped the bird" at what society was trying to dictate to us and who banned together to share and teach others how to get flipping FREE once and for all and how to keep it all simple, then simply click the link below and join us in ROIUnlimited. That simple.


I look forward to helping you create your dream lifestyle.

To Your Massive Success,

Alex Zubarev and The ROI Unlimited Family



This Site Presented By

Alex Zubarev


P.S. We're very busy helping our team build so we're only looking for others who are serious about changing their lives. Contact us only after having really studied all the information on this ROI Unlimited site and all videos.

P.P.S. The ball is officially in your court, my friend. You're in charge and you make the call. It's all you.

It always has been and always will be - YOUR decision to make.

It's either time to seperate yourself from all the other "wishers" and "whiners" and join a Mastermind of entrepreneurs who've banned together to teach and share FREEDOM creating principles, strategies and systems, or it's just time to keep doing what you've always done... which will again give you what you've always gotten...